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21st-Feb-2007 05:44 pm - graphics poll
dread girl
this'll help heartundone and I so we know exactly what pictures to use for our community/forum header.

Poll #932516 Graphical question

The Community/Forum Header

We really should stick with a plain hogwarts picture like the one voted for
A Picture of the trio sounds like it would work, as long as no specific ships are being spotlighted.
Other Idea. [please comment

K, so as soon as we know if you guys totally object to using other pictures than hogwartsie ones, I propose heartundone and I start making headers [w/o text. we can add community name etc. later as long as it is saved .psd], then once we each have ones we like, we can post all of them in a poll and everyone can vote on which one they like best. Sound good?

[and heartundone, we will have to decide on a size so that they are not all completely different XD]
21st-Feb-2007 07:10 pm - Graphic Question
I'm going to start playing around with graphics as soon as I find something to eat! But I was wondering if we had a "final" master list of ships. Because xxkessiex and I are going to need one so we can make images of them.

I'm wondering if we should maybe use one of the lists of popular fanfics that was going around and then just make a category for "other ships".

Let me know what you guys thing and I'll be back later with some graphic possibilities!
20th-Feb-2007 11:20 pm - Graphic Stuff.
dread girl
Okay, So we've all pretty much decided to go on with this project and I know there's a posibility of us having our own forum and whatnot. with that said- I guess myself and heartundone have volunteered to do graphics.

So now I need to know what we'd like for them. I know in earlier polls we've chosen a picture of general hogwarts for the picture. Can I be really blunt? -I'm not sure how good you can actually get a header to look with one of those pictures. It's really difficult to get a good coloring on those pictures and, with what I've tried they've basically looked like crap. I tried some other pictures of hogwarts than the great hall one. but eh. they just turned out okay. Sooo...I tried with a picture of the trio in contrast to the hogwartsie pictures, and it turned out much better.

The first two headers [which are crap, but you can look at if you like.]Collapse )

the one I really like but that's just me XD:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

.Collapse )

I don't know. I'm not sure exactly what we're looking for. Hope this is all okay. [and heartundone I am TOTALLY NOT trying to take over this whole thing, this are just my expiriments. Just trying to get the ball rolling. hope that's okay =]]

with all that said, ****CALLING ALL HTML-KNOWERS**** IE: we need someone a little more expirienced for layout coding. I could probably figure it out, but I'd feel more comfortable if someone else actually knew what they were doing XD.
19th-Feb-2007 05:23 pm - Distelhad response
I'm just pasting Distelhad's response to the last entry into its own entry so everyone gets a chance to read it. I know not everyone reads all the comments in the community (I usually don't myself) but I figured everyone would want to see this one:

2007-02-19 05:03 pm
So, everyone, this is really just a quick post! I am really sorry I let you all hang, but I really can't do this community and all the planning at the moment.

That I defriended you was not because I want to let go of this project but because I just randomly kicked people away whoes names didn'T ring any bells in my head.

I know that I really was a horrible maintainer but I'm, at the moment, trying to rebuild a realy RL, have like SO much work for school (I'm trying to get my A Level) and I moved recently and have, as of now, no internet in my new flat. I really don't want this baby to die, but if you nolonger want to, you're free to go.

If, on the other hand, someone else would like to be the admin, I'd happily promote you, so you can handle everything. As for me, I'll proberbly have time again for this by easter.

Yes, you'Re allowed to be angry.


13th-Feb-2007 10:20 pm - Is this project a no-go?
paolo back guitar strap
Hi all,

Hey, I'm just wondering, is this project a no-go, or do we just need someone to take the helm and be in charge?  I'm just wondering, Distel, what you're thinking about this? 

So, someone post something and let us all know, ok?

29th-Dec-2006 01:45 am - Hey everyone!! *crickets sound*
dread girl
Where'd you all go?? Am I missing something or is it really quiet around here? Probably the holidays. Hope they were good to all of you.

Just dropping in to see how you guys are...and how the community/layout/other misc. mod-like stuff is going.
4th-Dec-2006 12:03 pm - Balancing Ships
Hi all,

I think that an important aspect of a community like this, where all ships are treated as equals amongst each other, is a sense of balance in the fic and the genres that we have. Now, naturally, some ships (like say, Hermione/Twins) will have a larger degree of one-shots than chaptered, and also some ships will be more prolific in their writing base (there are, for instance, far more Ron/Hermione fics than there are Harry/Luna).

However, I think a potential pitfall lies in the community becoming too crammed with a specific ship. For example, I can easily see us having a wide range of Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Darco/Hermione etc., because there are large communities out there for them. This is great, but we are supposed to be multi-ship, so having huge tag sections for these ships, and maybe only a few entries for another will pidgeon-hole us into becoming a repository for the major ones.

Now, I do not disagree that the sections will have to be proportional. It is natural that the "main" ship tags will inevitably have more entries than the minor ones (and, to be honest, if we can't fill a section with a reasonable amount of classics, should it be included?), and I do think that the mods for H/G, R/Hr, D/Hr, H/Hr, R/T etc will have their work cut out for them. However, I think we need some sort of oversight and tracking system to ensure that we do keep a balanced selection available. Us mods will have to have our recs checked anyway, surely, by our fellow mods to ensure that we are posting up fics that are truly classics of the genre?

To this end, I'd propose that the universal mods are tasked with keeping running figures of what's in what section and compiling the data for a summary periodically. The ship mods could provide us with the information for their sections easily, since they'll be the ones maintaining it. Thus, we can make sure that we don't lean too heavily towards one or two biases at the expense of others.

Anyone agree? Disagree? Have a suggestion?
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